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Written by HPE 28/01/2020
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The infrastructure management dilemma

Unless you’re an IT company, you’re not in business to run IT. You’re in business to manufacture things, provide services, serve customers – ultimately, to make money. You want to be spending your time running your business, not looking after the IT you use to do it.

The trouble is, IT does need looking after. Sometimes computers run slow or crash. They get filled up with files and run out of space. They have to be protected from the latest viruses. If you neglect routine maintenance you can suffer disruption to business, loss of revenue and damage to your reputation.

But keeping infrastructure up to date can be a very time-consuming task. In fact, it’s the biggest challenge 50% of IT managers face and it can cost 11% of overall IT running costs. Yet, while it’s important, this reactive manual work diverts your skilled IT staff from strategic innovation that could add more value to your business.

Fortunately, there’s now a way out of this dilemma: AI-powered self-managing infrastructure

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