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Learn 5G launches in UK

5G is launching across six major cities today

Written by Millgate 30/05/2019

5G is launching across six major cities today, and promises to be 100 times faster than 4G.

London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast and Edinburgh will now be able to enjoy a more reliable data connection.

EE, who are the first to launch the connection, calls it ‘near-instant when opening apps and websites, playing games or connecting to your smart home devices’.

From reliably streaming videos at higher resolutions, to downloading content faster, Ofcom suggests that in time 5G could offer speeds of 20Gbps.

EE hopes to expand to reach 1,500 sites by the end of the year.

Vodafone are set to launch the capability over the next few months.

To access 5G capabilities, your device needs to be compatible. To find out more, give our communications experts a call on 0114 242 7349, or email [email protected].


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