Telephony in the Cloud

“Transform the way your business works.”

Traditional voice systems can be inflexible and expensive while administering your users, phone lines and call routing is time-consuming.

With hosted IP voice, you will have a unified telephony estate, so you don’t have to manage complex equipment.

Hosted IP voice flexes with the requirements of your organisation, giving you all the features and functionality to meet your specific needs.

Here are some of the benefits:

Hosted IP Voice replaces your legacy PBX with a unified telephony infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

Access and configure your Hosted IP Voice installation from any computer with a network connection.

Minimal capital expenditure and manageable monthly hosting fees. Cut cost of supporting and maintaining on-premise equipment and make free calls between connected sites.

Bolt on additional capacity and new features as required.

Let your workers move location while keeping the same number.

Your business can carry on functioning with our built-in disaster recovery routing.

Our configuration tools and centralised reporting make it simple to manage your service.

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