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HPE AI for autonomous infrastructure

HPE Servers with InfoSight transform how your infrastructure is managed and supported

01 Predictive support
  • Predicts and prevents issues
  • Solves problems across infrastructure
  • Redefines the white-glove experience
02 AI-driven operations
  • Makes managing effortless
  • Provides instant global visibility
  • Sees what others can’t
03 Intelligent infrastructure
  • Makes infrastructure smarter
  • Enables infrastructure to self-improve
  • Drives up availability

You want to move your business forward, but you keep getting held back. As infrastructure becomes increasingly vital and complex, you know this hands-on approach won’t work anymore.

That’s why you keep asking yourself: How can I ensure non-disruptive availability for my applications? How can I optimise my ever-changing workloads? How can I tune my infrastructure for better performance? How can I stop the firefighting?

Now there’s an answer. Simplify your infrastructure management with the self-monitoring and analytics abilities of HPE ProLiant servers and HPE InfoSight, with automated resource allocation, predictive maintenance, and high performance for low cost.

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The Servers

HPE’s ProLiant servers are multi-award-winning and market-leading in performance and efficiency—giving you the highest standard of infrastructure performance with low operational costs.

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Instant global visibility

As a cloud-based application, the HPE InfoSight web portal gives IT a one-stop, one-site, one-place portal for easy access to infrastructure wherever it is in the world. There’s no software to install, no software to manage. Its integration across the HPE portfolio of servers, storage, and integrated systems provides a consolidated view of all IT resources.

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Sees from storage to virtual machines

HPE InfoSight sees from the past to the future, up and down your infrastructure stack, and across your systems, providing you a single source of truth for your infrastructure. For complex, virtualised environments, its full-stack analytics pinpoints abnormal performance issues between storage and VMs and underutilised virtual resources without effort from you.

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Gets more out of your resources

There’s too much manual tuning day-to-day. All you want is the best performance and most efficient resources no matter how your workloads change. HPE InfoSight helps automate tuning and gives you the answers before you even ask the question. It automatically identifies opportunities to improve performance and optimise resources with a clear recommendation.

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Makes planning simple

HPE InfoSight simplifies infrastructure lifecycle management from planning to expanding. Its storage resource planner accurately sizes new infrastructure by simulating what-if scenarios. It also accurately predicts capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs with specific upgrades.

Transforming the experience with predictive support
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Predicting and preventing problems

HPE InfoSight transforms IT operations from reactive to predictive. Instead of fighting fires and dealing with escalations, problems are prevented before they can impact IT.

See once and prevent for all

HPE InfoSight puts the focus on prevention. It uses predictive analytics to predict, prevent, and auto-resolve problems from storage to VMs before they can affect your business.

Hundreds of predictive signatures, from availability, performance, security and capacity to data protection are continuously monitored in every system across the installed base.

If there is ever a problem experienced in the installed base, HPE InfoSight learns to predict the issue and prevent anyone else from seeing the same problem.

Rapid diagnostics and resolution to complex issues

No need to pull logs anymore as HPE InfoSight has the data about your environment—from storage and servers to VMs. This drives faster detection, analysis and remediation of the most complex issues.

Redefining white-glove support

If HPE InfoSight detects a problem that can’t be automatically resolved, then HPE support engineers investigate and help our customers get back online quickly. The learnings from each case then feed the predictive analytics engine for future support automation.

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Find out how to transform your infrastructure with AI - Download our eBook
Find out how to transform your infrastructure with AI - Download our eBook

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