IT Server

IT Server

“Delivering confidence & reliability.”

If you run a business that uses multiple computers, investing in a server can help keep your data secure and organised making your business more efficient. It provides your business with a single solution for:


Centralised email management

Consolidated Internet connectivity

Internal website development

Remote access monitoring

Mobile device support

File and printer sharing

Backup and restore

At Millgate, we provide market-leading servers that are effective and reliable, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Here are some of the servers we provide

Tower Server is the most basic of servers with a size of a typical desktop computer. They are great for small businesses that:

  • Have limited space concerns and need centralised processing without a data room
  • image
  • Need easier monitoring and maintenance of networked resources
  • Want to reduce susceptibility to intrusion and attack through a central location

Tower Server is recommended as a first server as they are compact and easy to set up. Also, there are a wide selection of hard drives and processors to choose from.

Depending on the nature of your company, for an office that has fewer than 25 employees, a server with 1 processor and 2 to 4 hard drives should be sufficient.

For more than 25 employees or if you're planning to run data-intensive applications, a server with 2 processors and 4 to 6 hard drives is recommended.

Rack Server is a system that stacks servers in racks and can be stored in specific enclosures or cabinets.


It requires specific installation hardware, but provides the flexibility to design the server platform to your specific requirements.

More importantly, it can be easily expand in the future, which is why it is a popular choice medium sizes companies.

They are great for small to medium businesses that:

  • Want to maximize space in a centralised data centre
  • Need flexibility to mix and match servers to match applications and workloads
  • Require large dedicated storage internal to the server

Blade Server Machines is the most compact type of server in the market known for its ultrathin shape. It is ideal for businesses that have limited space and wants to invest long term in a server infrastructure that can be expanded at will.


Blade servers move many of the components that you would typically see on a tower or rack server into what is called the chassis - a mount into which the blades fit.

The idea is that the power supply, input/output interfaces, cooling and networking are all independent, and the blades contain a processor and storage, which can be easily upgraded.

Because of their ultra compact size, you can fit more servers into less space. Consolidating a traditional server infrastructure into space and power-saving blade enclosures means:

  • More processing
  • Less space
  • Less power usage
  • Less time and money spent on management

Millgate offers a wide range of data cabinets and server rack enclosures, sourced from the best manufacturers.

The cabinets and racks are designed to house your computer networking equipment and data communication infrastructure in the office and high-density data centre environments.

We supply a wide range of 19-inch data and server cabinets configurable in 12U, 18U, 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U and 47U formats.

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