Implement & Support

Let us do the hard work


Edugate will work closely together with you throughout the whole scheme, from implementation to support.

Assisting you in rolling out the scheme to parents and pupils, we will provide Q&A sessions, literature materials and relevant support to suit your institution. We will provide free analysis on your current systems and infrastructure, checking your wireless network, security and web filtering to make sure it can cope with the demand of connecting multi-devices.

Our technical engineers will keep you updated with the implementation, making sure everything runs smoothly and the best possible solution is applied. We have the flexibility to tailor every aspect of the scheme to suit your needs and requirements.

Edugate Portal

A portal will be developed specifically for your institution to manage the entire scheme. Each user will have their own login details so they can manage their own device.

The portal can also be used for processing faults or insurance claims, which we will respond within 24hours to arrange a repair. This prevents the school being inundated with issues on each device, making it convenient for the institution and the student.

Monthly contributions are collected via direct debit and are also managed through the Edugate portal to suit each user and can be tailored accordingly.

Want to know more? Call us on 0114 242 7310 and see how we can help you.