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Tablets for Education

“A tablet has limitless potential for learning, inspiring creativity and delivering outstanding classroom engagement.”

At Millgate, we aim to revolutionise teaching and learning by allowing teachers to deliver a more interactive classroom experience through the use of tablets.

The Edugate Scheme has been designed to implement tablets into teaching at an affordable price. With our flexible payment plans, the institution or parents can make a financial payment for a fixed term and keep the tablet at the end of the agreement.

We will guide and support you throughout the term of the agreement. Providing project management, support, training for teachers and a commitment to resolve any issues.

There are various payment options such as cash purchase or via a small monthly contribution over 1, 2 or 3 Years.

Key Benefits:

Allow the institution or parents to pay monthly for the tablets

1,2 or 3 year low payment terms

A choice of different tablets from leading brands

The institution or parents own the device at the end of the term with no further cost

We manage any technical/insurance claims making it very convenient for you

We provide consistent training and advice throughout the term of your scheme

No credit agreements to enter into

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