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01 1/3

of workers don’t feel they have the right tools for the job.

02 74%

of 18 – 34 year olds are dissatisfied with their employer’s tech.

03 91%

of people say technology influences their job choices

A new working era

The demands of the modern workforce are evolving faster than ever. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials and Gen Z. These digital natives expect more flexibility in their work and need powerful devices for specialised tasks, while larger, increasingly distributed networks grow the need for manageability, connectivity and security at scale.

Enabling your workforce with reliable and innovative technology is crucial for keeping pace with modern challenges.

Lenovo ThinkPad: Problems solved

The Lenovo ThinkPad range offers smarter technology to meet the most demanding workloads, with industry-leading innovation as standard. Discover which range is right for your business.

Lenovo ThinkPad Series X
X Series

Maintain peak productivity by equipping your users with our compact and agile laptops. These lightweight devices pack plenty of processing power and are perfect for travelling.

• Reliable, on-the-go productivity with extended battery life and rapid charging
• Ultra-light and mobile, starting at only 1.29kg
• Flexibility from clamshell, 2-in-1, and detachable form factors allows for switching between use as a tablet or PC

Lenovo ThinkPad Series T
T Series

Empower your users with a popular device that’s built to provide reliable mobile performance, consistently delivering outstanding results for power-users.

• Superfast SSD storage and up to 11th Generation Intel® Core processors with vPro
• 12 stringent MIL-STD tests and over 200 quality checks
• Quick and secure login with Windows Hello

Lenovo ThinkPad Series P
P Series

Gain ultimate productivity with professional workstation power and performance on the go. Perfect for highly mobile power users, these ISV-certified mobile workstations provide lightning-fast graphics and processing – allowing you to innovate freely wherever life takes you.

• Built with the latest Intel® Core or Xeon® processors
• NVIDIA professional graphics made to handle the most demanding workloads
• Military-specification endurance, tested for ruggedness and quality

Lenovo ThinkPad Series C
C Series

Built with enterprise power, these devices are made to run Google Chrome OS, featuring lightweight mobile options, smarter security, and personalised performance.

• Versatile performance with super-quick start-up thanks to Chrome OS
• Hardware-level security provided by ThinkShield and Google Titan C chip both offer seamless updates
• Personalised device usage with all personal data securely wiped at logout

Lenovo ThinkPad Series L
L Series

Support different working styles with these lightweight, reliable 2-in-1 laptops that offer enterprise entry-level performance at an affordable price.

• Trusted, business-class security solutions integrated by Lenovo ThinkShield
• Flexible form factor lets workers switch between using as a tablet or PC
• Reliable processing power delivered by up to 11th Gen Intel® Core i7

Lenovo ThinkPad Series E
E Series

Equip your workforce with an easy-to-use business laptop that delivers reliable performance to drive productivity forward – made for simplicity and tech-focused Millennials.

• Thin, light and powerful with multiple configuration options
• Award-winning ergonomic keyboard to boost productivity
• MIL-STD tested for unrivalled reliability

Why Lenovo?

Mobility, Security and Durability are at the heart of the ThinkPad portfolio. But what makes Lenovo different?

Lenovo ThinkPad over a black background
Cleaner, greener IT ecosystems

Lenovo is a leader in sustainable packaging, using bio-based materials to reduce the plastic and carbon footprint of new technology. As a rule, their packaging uses recycled or renewable materials, and all ThinkPads are shipped using tapeless boxes.

By 2025, Lenovo will have removed 1,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from their supply chain and 90% of their global operations will run on renewable energy.

Relentless innovation

Lenovo is committed to constantly improving their technology, ensuring they provide industry-leading solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern business.

The latest generation of ThinkPad products include smart innovations such as Human Presence Detection, 5G, and Modern Standby, delivering an always-on, connected experience. Intelligent Diagnostics means technicians can diagnose and resolve unexpected issues faster than ever, using only a smartphone app.

And, when the power button is pressed, critical data is stored on the SSD’s non-volatile memory before shutdown.

Trusted quality

Your business is depends on technology. That’s why ThinkPad systems are engineered for durability, made to perform, and built to last.

ThinkPad laptops are tested with industry-leading MIL-STD 810G testing. The dust resistant fans in the latest devices eliminate the static electricity that causes dust accumulation, meaning fewer failures, less downtime and improved longevity.

Plus, low temperature solder technology streamlines internal construction, creating more room for longer-life batteries and other components.

Purposeful design

People spend a lot of time working with their ThinkPad device, which is why it’s important for them to feel comfortable all day – wherever they are, and however long that day may be.

ThinkPad laptops are ergonomically designed for user comfort, aiming to boost efficiency and satisfaction on every task, whether it’s word processing or a complex CAD project.

In addition, ThinkPad devices are built using fewer screws, and no glued-in components, to improve serviceability, minimising downtime and ramping up productivity.

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