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01 Excellent Service

Your business won’t be disrupted during the consultation, and no work is required on your part.

02 Our Consulting

Receive recommendations on efficiency, a full audit report, analysis and advice on current changes in the tech world.

03 Cost Control

Reduce costs by cancelling unused services, identifying all existing lines and unlocking ongoing visibility and reporting.

Your Consultation

Once you know exactly how your telephony infrastructure is operating, you’ll be better able to understand, adapt and improve upon your current solution. At Millgate, we’re offering a free consultation of your existing estate, providing full reporting on your usage.

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The Process

We have a highly experienced team of telephony specialists who will carry out the consultation with you. It will include:

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We’ll analyse your existing estate to help you understand exactly what you have in your business, and where.

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We’ll assess your unique needs by looking at your traffic, providing a full report of your line features and identifying which services are redundant.

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We’ll recommend the best way for you to go forward, so you can reduce costs and utilise existing lines more effectively.

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We’re ready to help you set up new services, transfer existing lines or cancel unused features to support your goals.

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We’ll help you simplify how you manage your estate with clear online billing and reporting. We’ll assist you going forward to make sure you know exactly what’s going on.


Our communications team will help you to develop and design your bespoke telephony solution and unite your landlines, mobiles and data, all under one roof.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of telephony solutions, from tailored mobile contracts and MPLS (WAN) networks, through to on-premise and hosted telephone systems.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio enables you to reduce the time spent dealing with multiple service providers, whilst working more efficiently when managing your communications.

Data Connectivity

Millgate offer an extensive portfolio of data connectivity solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for a fast and reliable internet connection. From complex MPLS (WAN) networks, through to single-site connections such as leased lines, FTTP and ADSL, we focus on ensuring your business can utilise the most up-to-date tech. To top it off, we always provide reassurance of business-grade SLAs.

Business Landline

Millgate strive to identify key areas where technologies could enhance productivity and control costs. We provide an end-to-end service, encompassing all telephony aspects. From your phone system (on-premise or hosted), to lines, calls (ISDN/SIP), conferencing and mobility, we’ve got you covered.

Business Mobile

Millgate offer a wide range of business mobile solutions from the UK’s largest networks. Plans are built based on how you run your business, and which networks provide the best coverage in your area. Your teams will have the freedom to talk and text, whilst providing voice and data sharing.

Maintenance & Support

Millgate’s telephone system maintenance and support will provide you with peace of mind. We work your aftercare to suit your required hardware, working hours and the level of support your business needs. We understand that having a seamless service is extremely important, so we make sure we have the appropriate resources available to diagnose, resolve and configure your specific solution.

Book Your Consultation

If you’d like a chat with one of our telephony experts, give us a ring on 0114 242 7313 or fill out our contact form and state interest in a comms consultation. We’ll be in touch to give you a hand.

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