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CISCO Small businesses: the challenge

5 technology challenges your small business is facing

01 Connect

Get a network that’s easy to deploy, operate, mange and scale

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Get security everywhere that protects your network and its data

03 Meet

Work better together, just like in person, on any device

Technology for SMBs

One of the toughest decisions the leader of a small or medium-sized business can face is knowing how, and when, to invest in technology. The aim is to boost growth, enhance productivity, and help safeguard the future of the business.

The report by First Voice and Cisco found staggering results when asking decision-makers how they keep up with the pace of digital change, and its impact on the workplace. It found 5 key challenges smaller businesses are facing with their technology.

Find out the results from the report here.

How Cisco helps

Sales booming, staff working from anywhere and loving it, with no downtime, no data breaches, and no stress. Cisco can help your business to perform at it’s best.


Your business needs a network that’s always available, fast, reliable and secure. Cisco can deliver. Find out more here.


Understand the latest security threats small businesses face, in order to tackle them head on. Learn more here.


Your team works best when they collaborate. Learn how you can help your team work better together, just like in person, on any device. Click here.

The Challenge

Running a small business requires decision-makers to wear several hats. On top of day-to-day jobs, they can deal with marketing, HR, accounts, sales – not to mention the technology.

Busy boss

For around two out of every five employees in the report, the business leader was the one responsible for delivering staff IT training.

Early adopters

Many small businesses take on additional burden by running their own IT, as those who did hire outside help did so at an early stage.

Specialist help

Regardless the size of a business, if it’s making significant investment in technology, then consideration should be given to making use of professional service and support packages as part of the primary purchase.

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