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How Cisco Meraki networking can save you time and money

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Get a network that’s easy to deploy, operate, manage and scale

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Get security everywhere that protects your network and its data

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Going cloud-based

In today’s global economy, small business networking is about reducing operating costs, reacting quickly to change, and being prepared for the future.

Investing in a network that can grow over time is important, so you can add features and functionality as your business expands. The Cisco Meraki solution aims to solve small business problems quickly with easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage cloud architectures, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

Download the Small Business Networking Essentials Guide to learn more about routing, switching, security, wireless and IP telephones.

About Meraki

With Meraki, you can leverage ease of management and unique technologies that are inherent to cloud-managed solutions.

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The importance of switches

Upgrading network switches is often a significant financial and technological commitment. Switches are the foundation of any network, and in today’s modern networks switches must be highly reliable, easy to manage at scale and compatible with the latest technologies for the foreseeable future.

Save 80%

A business with 300 switches, 2000 employees, and 150 locations can see cost savings of 80% when using a zero-touch cloud provisioning approach.

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Reduce operational costs with the intuitive Meraki dashboard, which makes it easy to quickly locate devices, users and troublesome spots in the network. Summary reports can be delivered via email to provide an overview of how the network is being used, and even energy consumption by PoE devices.

Multi-site troubleshooting

The Meraki Dashboard includes powerful remote troubleshooting tools that are easy to access and understand. These include dynamic network topology, cable testing, remote packet captures and many other tools, all of which can be used across locations where IT isn’t present.

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Unbeatable features

Cisco Meraki offers a huge range of unbeatable features, including:

  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Secure (PCI and HIPAA-compliant) cloud infrastructure
  • Easily scalable to grow as your business grows
How to take advantage

Take advantage of 3 fantastic ways to try Cisco Meraki today for free.

  • Start an INSTANT demo
  • Receive a FREE AP for attending a Webinar
  • Request a FREE trial

Give us a call on 0114 242 7310 for more information.

The Numbers

Many networking solutions claim massive Return on Investment (ROI), yet few include the features that provide these returns without additional overlay platforms and expensive software to maintain. Meraki switches have many built-in, easy-to-configure features that can all quickly reduce operational expenses.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

40% – 60% cost savings

By simplifying provisioning and configuration, Meraki’s unique approach helps to reduce initial set-up costs of between 60% and 80% when compared to traditional command-based solutions.

POE Reporting & Port Scheduling

40% cost savings

Want to see how much power is being consumed by VoIP phones and access points? The summary report quickly finds this information per switch, and for the network. Port scheduling can be used to shut of power outside of business hours and see real savings at all locations.

Reporting, Visibility & Alerts

60% cost savings

When managing a large campus or many remote sites, getting a general overview of all networks and devices can be a daunting task. Meraki has built-in alerting and reporting features so there’s no need for an additional solution.

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