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01 The Problem

Working from anywhere, noise is still the main issue for loss of concentration and productivity.

02 The Tech
Active Noise Cancelling and Acoustic Fence use multiple mics to invert background noise or create a virtual ‘audio fence’ to block it.
03 The Solution

The Poly portfolio includes ANC devices to improve your concentration and productivity, no matter the surroundings.

Beat the noise

94% of workers are experiencing ambient noise during calls, a large increase from 71% in 2017. 

Active noise canceling (ANC) has therefore become a prominent need for today’s workforce as people deal with the distractions of the office and home while trying to stay productive. See it in action. 

Poly has put up a fight to beat the noise by developing a full suite of advanced digital hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) headsets – the perfect portfolio built to battle the 75% of workplace noise which can be screened by noise cancelling headset equiptment.

Active noise cancelling

Noise cancelling specifically tuned for the open office, to create the perfect balance between comfort and noise allowance.

Acoustic Fence

Acoustic Fence uses multiple mics to create a virtual “audio fence” so that sounds from “outside the fence” are blocked from being heard by remote participants. The end result? Remote callers can hear and focus on the meeting and remain productive.

Crafted for comfort

Comfort at the heart of the design, by using premium and lightweight materials for maximum comfort during those long back to back meetings.

Superior noise blocking

Protecting every call, advanced noise blocking technology not only benefits you, but the person on the recieving end of the call by ensuring all they can hear is you.

Designed for all

Headsets that work for everyone in the office – anytime, anywhere. No matter your work style, a Poly headset meets the demand for the new hybrid working.

Find out more

For further information about anything included in Poly’s product portfolio, fill out our quick contact form and one of the team will be in touch to tell you more.

Discover the Poly portfolio

Designed to work in ambient noises to give you peace of mind, and some peace and quiet.

Voyager Focus 2

Stereo Bluetooth® Headset

  • Three levels of advanced digital hybrid active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Advanced multiple microphone noise cancelling with Acoustic Fence technology in a discreet boom
  • Stereo sound for calls and media/music
  • Dynamic Mute Alert senses and tells you when talking while muted
  • Ultra-comfortable headband and plush ear cushions
Savi 8220 Series

Enterprise-Grade Dect™  Audio Headset System

  • Manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls
    Filter out background noise with active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Listen to music and media with enterprise-quality DECT audio
  • Enjoy wireless freedom with long-range roaming
Voyager 8200

Boomless Stereo Bluetooth® Headset System with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

  • Boomless, dual-paired omni-directional microphones with enhanced digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Dual-mode active noise cancelling (ANC) lets you choose your preferred noise-reduction level
  • Smart sensors route, auto-answer, and auto-mute calls
  • 3.5 mm audio cable for extended listening time and in-flight audio
Voyager 6200

Bluetooth® Stereo Neckband Headset with Earbuds

  • Boomless design features four omni-directional microphones and active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Comfort-fit earbuds deliver hi-fi stereo
  • Neckband vibrates to alert you to incoming calls
  • Pairs with up to eight devices and connects to two simultaneously
  • Wideband audio provides high-quality PC telephony
Blackwire 8225

Premium Corded UC Headset with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

  • Flexible, noise-cancelling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology
  • Advanced hybrid active noise cancelling (ANC) with three settings to optimize
  • On-call indicator lets others know when you’re on a call
  • Exceptional audio for calls and media
  • Lightweight design (.41 lbs./186 g)
Blackwire 7225

Corded, Boomless Stereo Headset with Active Noise Cancelling

  • Active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Boomless design with Plantronics clear talk technology
  • On-a-call indicator
  • Choice of two colours, black and white
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