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WatchGuard AuthPoint

MFA That’s Powerfully Easy

01 Protection

Protect identities, reduce network disruptions and minimise data breaches arising from weak or stolen credentials.

02 User Friendly

Keep criminals outside your network – Delivered entirely via the cloud for ease of use with straight forward set-up and management.

03 Security

AuthPoint’s unique mobile DNA technology goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by incorporating innovative ways to identify and protect.

Core protection, hassle-free

Did you know that using stolen credentials to breach network resources is the #1 tactic that hackers use? As businesses continue to expand remote access throughout 2021, AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides the security you need to protect identities, assets, accounts, and information.”

Millgate have partnered with WatchGuard to offer a 60-day free trial of everything included in AuthPoint. Fill out our contact form to request your free trial today.

What's included?

It takes just one weak password to allow cyber criminals to take control of all your data and accounts. Now more than ever, WatchGuard’s Authpoint is a valuable enhancement in protecting your business.


Protection at your fingertips

As the average user has almost 100 online accounts, the demand for a secure MFA has quickly become a vital asset to any business to reduce the risks from password fatigue.
AuthPoint offers the simple solution of a push message, QR code, or one-time password (OTP) as an additional factor proving your identity. Mobile device DNA provides an additional identifying factor to ensure that only authorised users can log in to systems and applications

Easy cloud management

Managing AuthPoint is simple and intuitive in WatchGuard Cloud’s centralised environment. Our powerful multi-tier, multi-tenant platform allows you to integrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) into your security infrastructure with a friendly user interface and optimised identity access management process

Seamless integration & ecosystem

An ecosystem of dozens of 3rd party integrations with AuthPoint allows companies to require users authenticate before accessing sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks. AuthPoint supports the SAML standard, permitting users to log in once to access a full range of applications and services.

Further details

For more information about everything included in Authpoint, take a look at this handy brochure. Alternatively, fill out our quick contact form to start your free trial.

One piece of the security puzzle

AuthPoint is just one piece of the security puzzle, whereby a full scope security network could massively reduce the chances of being hit by cyber attacks.

WatchGuard’s Passport is a bundle of user-focused security services that travels with your users, to better equip your business with a full package of protection.

Discover your passport to protection here, and check out other valuable security support below.

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