About Us

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Business IT & Telecom Specialists

We tailor your business IT and telecoms solution based on one key objective - to enhance your business effectively.

Focusing on you

about image Specialising in providing bespoke business telecom & IT solutions, we make everything clear and simple so you can focus on your normal business activities. Just relax and let us do the hard work for you.

Partnered with top global telecom and IT suppliers, we have the freedom to select our products by suitability and not availability. That is why we can provide the best solution for each of our clients.

In 1996, we opened our first office providing IT and communication solutions for businesses in Yorkshire. Today, We serve over 6000 customers nationwide with a group turnover of over £40million in 2015, which is why we are one of the top 100 providers in UK.

Focusing on your requirements, we build bespoke solutions for you. As we’re not chained to any suppliers, we’re impartial in making selections. Our aim is to make your business more productive and cost effective.

By choosing Millgate, you will be personally served by one of our account managers and the support team, making sure that everything runs smoothly. We are renowned for our quality customer service and high retention rate. Unlike other companies who invest heavily on luring new customers, we thrive on satisfying and retaining our clients. We invest heavily on training our employees to ensure that they deliver the best service and solutions in the market.

We respect all our existing and potential customers, which is why we offer FREE consultation without any obligations to buy from us.

We are consultants, not sales.